Automobile bike rack

Automobile bike racks are defined as any rack that mounts on an automobile. An automobile being a vehicle as in car, sedan, hatchback, coupe, wagon, crossover, SUV or truck.

The most popular types of automobile bike racks are trunk mount, roof mount, hitch mount, spare tire mount and internal mount. Internal mounts are also truck bed mounts. They are all priced differently for various reasons. The best automobile bike racks are not always the most expensive. Some times you are paying for brand name bike gear. You know the story, why buy an Cadillac when you can buy another cheaper vehicle that performs just as well or some times even better for a cheaper price?

The first thing to do when looking for an automobile bike rack is to decide what type you want. Check out my related posts. If your thinking about a trunk mount bike rack for your automobile read my post on trunk mount bike racks for cars and then look into the different types of bike racks that are available. For the best information on bike racks for your automobile book mark this page. I’m going to be updating it with even more reviews and articles about bike racks. I’ve got a lot of opinions from different people on the racks that they own. I’ve also got some stories to tell about predicaments that people have got them selfs into with their bike racks.

After reading you should be well educated as to what type of bike rack you want, need. You can search for deals on this site and find the best deal on the automobile bike rack thats right for you and your beloved car. Once you get your new setup you can go out and enjoy biking with the rest of us.

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  2. By ljames on Apr 13, 2009 | Reply

    I have been looking EVERYWHERE online for a trunk mount to fit my ’04 Honda Civic WITH a spoiler. I can’t seem to find one that would fit. Do you know of any? I would really prefer not to get a roof mount as they seem more of a pain than I want to deal with. What are my options with this car?

  3. By bike racked on Apr 14, 2009 | Reply

    Hey ljames,

    Yes, if your Honda Civic looks like this one then you are in luck. Turns out my wife has one, and I got this one from a store for my car, and it did in fact fit on her civic with the spoiler Her’s is a 2002 though I believe.
    I don’t have any pictures of if, but could of swore I did.
    If you don’t want to try the saris you can get a hitch and have it fitted, then get pretty much any 1 3/4 inch hitch bike rack will fit.

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