Awesome Bike Rack Cargo Tray Design

Awesome-Bike-Rack-Setup-on-hitch-cargo-trayI believe I took this picture on the way to the beach some time ago and forgot about it. I’ve always liked the idea of having a bike rack, with a little cargo area under it and once drew up some pictures but nothing came of it. After finding this picture it may have sparked my interest again.

What this genius bike rider did was take a bike rack and attach a fork mount like the “Kuat Dirtbagger” or Thule/Yakima alternative to it and he has a nice hitch mount tray, with as you can see from the picture an attachment for an after ride beer water cooler. This is a pretty inexpensive way to carry a bike or two, and handy to carry extra cargo for road trips. Baskets can be picked up cheap off of craigslist, or brand new from harbor freight. Just watch out on the tongue limit of the hitch as it is easy to overload these things with gear. I think mine is rated to 200lbs, although I’d never consider putting close to that much weight on it as my rear suspension would sink considerably.

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