Awesome Free Bicycle Repair Manuals

I can’t believe that I’ve never come across Park Tools repair site before. After making my post about bicycle repair tool kits the other day, I think it goes hand in hand that I share two awesome free bicycle repair manual sites with you. Sheldon Browns ( which you’ve undoubtedly came across before if you’ve ever searched for how to repair your bike is a great one and another good one is Park Tools ( Its really easy to navigate and figure out how to fix what ever could be wrong with your bike from an untrue wheel to a broken derailleur. It’s not quite as in depth as Sheldon Browns but it has a great amount of information in it and its easier to navigate. Park tools are obviously going to plug their own tools, where as Sheldon’s would recommend all sorts of bike tools and often alternative bike tools and homemade bicycle tools. Truth is, doesn’t matter where you get your tools from, as long as you have a decent bicycle repair tool set and can find whats wrong with your bike then you can fix it your self and save some money.

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