Bicycle History – Who invented the Bicycle?

Wikipedia is a really good website. I don’t think a single day goes past without me looking at it. Today I was looking at wikipedia and thought I would learn about the history of bikes. Bikes have been around for a long time but who invented the bicycle? Well, it seems that from my research it depends on your definition of bicycle. I have always heard that the bicycle was invented in England, but again it depends on your definition of invented. Technically there is some slight evidence that Egyptians were riding around on some bike like contraptions but from the wikipedia article on the bicycle was invented by a German.

The mastermind of the invention of the bicycle was Karl von Drais, but again his bike doesn’t look really that good. From the bicycle evolution time line it looks like the bikes went down hill from there until the English refined it. This is the real bicycle that we know today. Although the geometry of the bike is off a bit it looks like it would be a better ride then any before its time. My Grandad actually had an old post mans bike which he rode about. I was always too small to ride it but I believe it was from the 1920’s or so.

Anway back to the topic “Who Invented the Bicycle?”. Its up for debate if you ask me. My opinion is that the Year the Bicycle was invented was 1818 and that the inventor was in fact German. The Scots took a look at it and made it more like a train “the flying Scotsman“. The French Frenched it up a little bit by making it more of a fasion accessory than anything practical. Then the English got their hands on it and refined it. The bicycle time line is a bit off, I think that they missed a lot of the bikes in between and the United States wrongly gets credit for the moderner forms of bikes.

Any one else have an opinion on this?

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