Bicycle Hoist

Bicycle HoistI recently made a post on my home made bike hoist. It seems like there was a lot of interest in this bicycle hoist. This post is just here to show all of the bicycle hoist posts that I’ve made regarding this specific bicycle hoist. I’ve recently removed the bicycle from the hoist due to some issues with the home owners association. I’m also moving so before I move I’ll try to do a video of how the bike hoist works. I also have plans to see if it will work without the pulleys. I don’t see why it won’t since the pulleys are really only to help with hoisting the bicycle up.

how to make your own bike hoist from my plans part 1
how to make your own bike hoist from my plans part 2

There is a whole wealth of information and I’ll be posting more information about my home made bicycle hoist adventures in the bicycle hoist section towards the right of this page.

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