Bicycle Repair Tool Kit

I recently walked into a well known bike shop just to browse around. I went back to the service desk to take a look at prices just to see what it costs to have repairs done. I found out you can save a lot of money by getting yourself a decent bicycle repair tool kit. Sure you can use your regular tool kit, or your multi-tool but a good bicycle repair tool kit is essential to anyone who is serious about saving money by doing their own repairs. When purchasing a bicycle tool kit take into consideration the cost of the amount of repairs that one single bicycle tool kit will allow you do do. For example, a cheap bicycle tool kit, may cost $20. This may give you a chain tool, and some essentials. This is not going to give you as many tools or the quality that a more luxury bicycle repair tool kit will. What you’ll need in your tool kit depends on your limitations. What do you want your bicycle tool kit to allow you to repair. If you’re like me you’ll want to be able to repair everything but not go overboard with the unessential.

Sure I could have got a tool kit with more options, but the amount of tools I actually needed and use was just right with the toolkit I purchased. The only tool I had to buy was a park tool individual spoke wrench as the multi spoke wrench just didn’t cut it. I’ve put together some tool kits that I would buy and use. Check them out here.

Here is a review of the tool kits I put in the bicycle repair tool kit store and why.

bicycle repair toolkit This toolkit has 37 pieces and is very similar to the park toolkit I got. The only difference is it has a lot more pieces than mine, and is actually cheaper then the retail cost of mine. Had I of known this, I would have purchased this rather than mine. The layout of the case is better. These types of bicycle repair tool kits are great to keep in your garage and move to the car when you need them. You should be able to take this anywhere and fix your bike.
park bicycle repair toolkit There is no doubt about it that Park make great bike repair tools. This is the starter kit. The good think about it is that it’s a toolbox. Meaning you can buy any tools that you may need and stick them in the box. Great for those looking to expand their tools as they need them. I’ve always liked tool boxes and there is no doubt that Park make some of the best tools available. There is a reason some of the best bike shops use Park tools. So why not buy a tool box to match the great quality tools and save your money by buying the set?
bicycle repair toolkit Want a quality bike toolset without the huge pricetag? This looks like the ticket and the price is low enough to justify it. Another clamshell bike toolkit with the basic tools you’ll need to do repairs on your bikes. Many of the tools included are of the same design as park, just different colors – but don’t tell Park tools that.My kit is very similar to this and there isn’t a problem that I have not fixed yet. You may want to buy some additional spoke wrenches to go with this one though.
bicycle essentials repair toolkit Ok, if you don’t need all the above tools, but want a quality set get a bike repair kit like this.Just make sure that you put a chaintool in it, in case you have an incident like this: I Broke my Front Derailleur If I had this kit with a chain tool in it, or even my multi-tool it would have saved me a lot of walking. Learn from my mistakes and buy a quality bicycle toolkit!

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    These are nice sets of tools. We seldom take our bikes to the repair shop, almost all the repairs we do ourselves. It’s really a great way to save a lot of money over time.


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