Bike Hooks – The Correct Way

I’ve seen a lot of pictures on the internet of ways people are hanging their bikes. Great idea! I mean what better way to get your bike off the ground and save your bike then by buying a cheap bike hook from a department store. Then you can hang your bike right from the wheel right? WRONG!

If you have good bikes, (anything over $100) that you really would like to last a while then do not hang your bikes with bike hooks by the wheels. It will eventually bend your wheels. Grease will move out of your head stem and bottom bracket meaning that you will need to perform maintenance on your bike more often. If you are going to hang your bikes with bike hooks I suggest just spending a little extra money and buy two bike hooks instead of one. This way you can hang your bike horizontally by the cross bar. This is also a quick way to get your bikes down since all you have to do is lift up two inches and pull towards you.

I’d like to hear horror stories of peoples wheels getting bent, but I’ll probably just have to search for them and post them. Bike hoists are also great ways to store bikes and can be great alternatives to home made bike racks. Check the section out over to the right.

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