Bike Rack Blunders

I’ve found a couple of mistakes that I’ve made in this blog, some of which are rather funny.  Mostly typo’s and such. The first I noticed was my horrible spelling. Any one who points out a spelling mistake to me gets some BikeRackEd Points. Another one, that I just saw recently is the typo of the link to the right “bicycle cross bark store” I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of a cross bark. I’ve made various other mistakes in the past and hope to continue to find them. I’ve got a ton more pictures on my new camera and will have to queue them up for posting. I’ve also got my home made bike rack storage solution that I put in my closet that I promised to post. I wish I had taken pictures of it before it got loaded up with junk and bike parts, but at least I have the bike rack plans or “blue prints” I sarcastically like to call them. As any project of mine it still needs some work, so its not a 100% complete bike rack yet, but when I’ll post it, even in its not finished condition if you guys promise not to laugh at my woodworking skills.

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