Bike Rack GMC Suburban

GMC Suburban Hitch Mount Bike Rack This is a picture I took of a GMC Suburban with a hitch mount bike rack. You can hardly see it in the picture but it is just your basic Yakima Hitch Mount bike rack. I was on my way to an office when I took this picture and I didn’t really have time to get a close up. By the time I was done with my appointment it had already left. The prongs are up if you can tell from the picture. I recommend not leaving your prongs out like that. If some one isn’t paying attention they are likely to run into it and either run off without an apology leaving you to buy a new bike rack or try to sue for damages to the vehicle they used to destroy your bike rack with. Either way its a lose-lose situation. These bike racks are pretty sturdy are inexpensive automobile bike racks if you already have the hitch which I believe most GMC Suburbans have. The GMC Suburban can have a roof rack system attached to the stock roof rack but since its an SUV and quite high it will probably be better to just stick with the hitch mount bike rack for the GMC Suburban.

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