Bike Rack Instructions

I get these fortunes every time I log in, I thought this one was funny:

“First Law of Bicycling:
No matter which way you ride, it’s uphill and against the wind.”

Which reminds me of the other day. It was so windy, I was barely moving forward and stuff was flying at me. It didn’t last for long but long enough to slow me down to miss the traffic light. Crazy!

Well, its the day after Christmas which means people are probably looking for instructions to their new bikes and bike racks they got. Well, I guess I’ll let a little secret out:

Thule bike rack instructions
Yakima bike rack instructions
Saris bike rack instructions
All of the above can be found:
First select bike carriers. Thule then lists each of their bike racks in this list! Choose the one you purchased and then the manual will come up in pdf.

For Yakima bike rack instructions you’ll have to search a little harder. First go to
This is where you put in a search for the product you got. For example if you you the KingJoe bike rack, you’d do a search for “KingJoe instructions” Its pretty simple, but it may take a while for you to get to the right page.

Now Saris bike rack instructions thats a different story. You get no manual. You get a complete video telling you how to use your bones system. The video can be found at: What a great company, to use the internet to its fullest. Who wants to read boring instructions? Nobody. just show me how to get my bike rack on my automobile! If you have another type of Saris Bike Rack just go here: find your bike rack. Saris then makes it easy to view information about it. Just happens that Saris also provides instruction manuals on this page, go figure!

There you have it, this is the page I made after Christmas to help people find instruction manuals for bike racks. I hope it helps some one!

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