bike rack recall information

It is no secret that bike racks that are purchased from retail stores are made as cheaply as possible so that there is more profit involved. What happens when products are made cheaply? Well, they fail. The same reason that thousands of toys and goods from all over the world is safety. Be it the newest craze lead based paint or an issue with sharp edges bike racks are no exception.

The best way to get information about recalled bike racks is to register your bike rack with your manufacturer. You know that little piece of paper that normally gets thrown away because of the excitement of opening something new? Yes, fill that out and you will receive useful information about your product and possibly a ton of spam / junk mail.

To solve this problem I am going to try to keep up with the bike rack recalls and post them here once every so often so that you can see if you purchased a bike rack that could hurt some one.

Here is one from a while back:
Sold by: LL Bean, Bike Nashbar and independent bike shops nationwide.

If you have one of these get it sorted. Products like bike racks don’t get better with age, they tend to fail. Personally I think that if this was purchased for more than $20 then it was a waste since you can make a bike rack for under $15.

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