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Biking is one of my hobbies. Any type of biking will do the tick whether it be road, mountain or city riding it all does the trick.

So whats this site about then? The domain is multi purpose, is it Bike Rack Ed, as in Education? Bike Rack Ed as in my name is Ed, and I’m all about bike racks? Or is it Bike Racked as in the wine industry, that may fit because I do like to wine.

Not really any of the above. Its just a term I came up with and liked. This site is a blog about biking in general and transportation of bikes.

There are many types of bike racks out there varying in price from low to outrageous. I will review how these racks work, and which ones are the best. I will also explain how to make an equivalent rack since they are easy to build or make your self.

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