Bike Rack Thule Revolver

Other than beer, glass wear, or a fictional planet in start wars Thule is a great company that makes all kinds of great products such as bike racks. Thule also makes trailers, snow chains, towing systems, and all sorts of organizing products. I think they are one of the best companies out there along with Yakima and Saris. When I think about hitch mounts I think for a bike rack Thule is the way to go. The other companies have great products but they can’t really compete with Thule in the tow hitch category.

Bike Rack Thule RevolverThe product that I like most from Thule is the swing arm trailer hitch mount. The official name from Thule for this product is “Thule Revolver”. This bike rack Thule came up with is a great product. The thing that makes this great is that it actually swings open so that you can get into the back of your automobile. All the people that I’ve seen who’ve owned them have been very happy with them. I’ve heard reports that four is a struggle to fit on it, and your bikes will get scratched but three fit on perfectly. It mounts to a 2″ receiver which leads me to the only thing I don’t like about the Thule Revolver. This is that it doesn’t come in a 2 or 3 bike model for the smaller 1.25 inch receiver found on many cars and small SUV’s. I own a cross over thats not designed to tow large capacities, but a Class 1 hitch can carry up to 2000lbs. I don’t know of any bikes that are 500lbs, nor would I want to lift them up onto the rack!

Making your own swing arm bike rack may not be as easy as it seems even for the most handy of the DIY people out there. I’ve planned and planned but have not been able to come up with a good method of securing it or swinging it.

This comes to the end of my article on the Thule Revolver.
Thanks for bringing us the consumer the best hitch mount bike rack Thule!

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