Caring for your bike rack

Winter bike riding can be very fun. Mountain or road. The thing that people forget to do is take care of their bike racks. Along with proper bike maintenance bike racks also need to be taken care of. A good cleaning to get the mud off of them never did any harm. Inspections of any of the pads that connect to the metal of your car is also a good idea. While we are on the line of inspecting if its a hitch or roof mount inspect the lock barrels and also make sure that you check for rust. Paint any places where paint may be falling off.

Be sure to inspect your bike rack before you put your bike on it. Normally a good tug on the arms will be sufficient. Make sure some one didn’t come along and loosen your rack so they could watch your bike fall off.

If you have a bike rack mount make sure that its mounted really tight. If its not your bike could come loose when you turn around a corner. That could be tragic if you have a pick up truck because your bike might get damaged or fly into the road causing injury / damage to others, so check that and tighten it often.

If you own a home made bike rack it will probably hold up longer than any that you buy in the store, and you will know everything about it so it will last a life time. But even if you did make it you should still take care of it. Saris bones bike racks need the least maintenance of all of the bike racks out there. All you really need to do is clean them. I would like to see a composite material hitch bike rack. That would be awesome. Thats just given me an idea for the ultimate hitch mount bike rack. Take a hitch mount and rhino line it. This would make a great non metal hitch rack. The only metal part would be the part where it mounts to the hitch. If this was greased regularly I don’t think it would be a problem.

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