Chevrolet HHR Bike Rack

Chevrolet HHR Bike Rack When the HHR first came out I really despised the looks of it. Now its been around for a while its some what grown on me. A friend of mine rented one when it first came out and said that everyone looked at him funny. I don’t think that is the case now since there are uglier cars out there. the Chevy HHR is a decent sized car inside and deserves a bike rack. I’m not sure if you can fit a bike inside of a HHR but you sure can put a hitch, roof or saris bike rack on an HHR. Pictured is a four bike hitch mount rack on a HHR with some custom stickers. I don’t have a bigger image of this one. If your wondering whats up on the left of the picture, that is my hang tag and and Mr. Bones my year round Halloween decoration. Anyhow, this is what a hitch mount looks like on the Chevrolet HHR. You may know I’m a fan of hitch mounts because of their convenience, high build quality and no parts touch your vehicle.

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  2. By Yudhvender on Jan 3, 2013 | Reply

    Used T2 for years, never had one slide off. But if i wasn’t observant & never reezilad when i was loading that the bike rack was loose, i might have lost once or twice. tighten your bolts every once in a while. If you dont check your lugnuts every once in a while you can lose a wheel on your car. It’s true!

  3. By Diaguep on May 6, 2018 | Reply

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