Cross Bar Adapters

What are cross bar adapters? Cross bar adapters are also known as crossbar adapters, frame adapters, suspension adapters and womens bike adapters. Often adapter is misspelled for the word “adaptor” making one believe that there are not very many “frame adaptors” on the market, when in fact there are a lot, they are just looking in the wrong place. Thankfully for you guys that have found this, you’ve got me, I’ve done all the work and put together this site, a place where you can find all the information you need for the perfect bike rack setup.

In this post I list all of the cross bar adapters that I have information on. Click on each link to view a product image or visit the cross bar adapter store to shop for them all on one page.

The following are listed in order of price, but thats the retail price. Some times you can buy them from Amazon from a seller that is selling has a stock pile of them or slightly used demo’s for a lower price!


SportRack – A34500 – Alternative Bike Adapter $21.10

SpareHand Bike Frame Adapter $23.99

Allen Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adapter $26.99

Saris Bike Beam Trunk and Hitch Rack Crossbar Adapter for Dual Suspension and Women’s Bicycle Frames $28.99

Yakima Tube Top Women’s or Dual Suspension Bike Rack Frame Adapter $31.50

Thule 982 Bicycle Frame Adapter for Strap and Hitch carriers $31.50

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