Cycling, Racing. Cycling Racing!

Cylcing is a fun sport. Racing is also a fun sport. Why not try cycling racing? Its a good way to stay in shape by training and also make some new friends that have similar interests such as cycling!

I think that I would probably enjoy Cycling Racing, Cycling is one of my hobbies but I don’t know where to start! I mean, I’ve looked and rode around for a while but I don’t think that I could compete in a Cycle Racing Ride. I guess I will start off with some sponsored rides to help charaties and then move on from there. The thing is, I really do not like to fall off my bike and it seems that every time I watch a Cycling Race Cyclists fall off. What is up with that? I know the adrenaline is pumping through their veins, but come on! its a Cycling Race, get to the hospital get patched up. There will be another cycling race some time.

Any how, thats enough of a rant for now. I am looking forward to doing some Cycling Racing and Cycling in the mean time!

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  2. By Levi on Mar 7, 2008 | Reply

    I’d look for a local race that’s put on mainly for fun. One without licenses or cash prizes.

    It will be more fun, and other than the lead pack it shouldn’t be too too dangerous and competitive.

  3. By bike racked on Mar 8, 2008 | Reply

    Thanks Levi, I’ll look out for them

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