Dirt Bike Rack

Dirt Bike Rack Hitch Mount Ford F150 Bike Rack
This is a dirt bike rack that I managed to snag a picture of on Christmas while driving down the interstate. I snapped it a bit late so I didn’t get how the bikes were mounted (That and the camera is bad). The truck is a Ford F150 which has a 2″ hitch mount for the bike rack. This seems like its home made, some one got a nice Christmas present! I don’t see many trailers like this, most people use ramps and drive their dirt bikes up onto the truck bed. I see this done all the time. I even see Harley’s and speed bikes up in the beds. Problem with the F150 is that the bed is short, which is probably why they have a trailer. Anyhow, any bicycle should fit in the F150 truck bed, if not a hitch mount bike rack would be perfect.

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