Dirt Bike Truck Bed Mount

Dirt Bike Truck Bed Mount This rack is a picture I took of a dirt bike in a truck bed. You can’t tell by the picture but this truck has a mount in the back for the dirt bike. If you want you can click on the picture to get a better view but since this was taken at night on a bad camera it doesn’t really help a whole lot. The dirt bike mount just sits in the truck bed and the bike was tied down by standard ties that you can find at Walmart. Check out the auctions on this page to find a similar mount so that you can start transporting your dirt bike with ease, just like these people are.

If you consider your self handy, you can actually make one of these for your truck bed out of 2×4’s. I’ll post my dirt bike truck bed mount plans some time soon so book mark this site and come back to check the plans out.

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