DIY Apartment Bike Storage

This is my long awaited post about the DIY apartment bike storage solution I made while obviously living in my apartment. After moving out of the condo with the DIY Bike Hoist setup and into this apartment I needed space to keep all my bikes. The pictures were taken with only two bikes, but I also had two other bikes that I stored in there but had to remove for pictures. The space was rather small, and I also had a few boxes of stuff that I needed to store outside. Since I wanted my deposit back I decided to make a standalone shelf with the bottom 2×4’s wide enough to stop the bikes from moving when placed in. The unit worked pretty well, although it was short lived because I moved out and into a house. The rack came down without a problem and I had plenty of 2×4’s to use in projects around the house. My garage is now where my bikes live on a homemade unit made from Ikea parts. One day I’ll get around to posting that too!

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