DIY Pallet Bike Rack

DIY Shipping Pallet Bookshelf and Bike Rack

Today we have something a little different from the usual bike racks featured on BikeRacked. It is a homemade bookshelf / bike rack combo. To create this type of bike rack is pretty simple. First step is to obtain the pallets. Good sources for these are craigslist, friends and home improvement stores, just ask around. Next you’ll want to clean them up a little bit, a quick blast of sanding with an automatic sander or some manual labor hand sanding will give them a smoother finish. You can paint them, or leave them natural wood depending on the look you’re going for. Use a stud finder to find a wall stud and screw it into the wall in one corner. Measure 16″ over, make sure the stud is there, level and screw the other side in. In my opinion, the rack shown in this picture was slightly too close to the adjacent wall and should be moved over to allow the front wheel to be inline with the bike, but use what space you have available. You can purchase the bike hooks from a home-improvement store pretty cheap, and you’ll need two per bike. Attach these to the pallet and you’re done. This type of rack works very well in the living room, but is also suitable for other spaces such as basements or garages. I found that lifting the bikes off the floor and mounting to the wall reclaims quite a surprising amount of space.

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