Dodge Caravan Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Dodge Caravan Hitch Mount Bike Rack Taking a page out of neat bike rack setups, this is a Dodge Caravan (or Chrysler Voyager) I can’t tell that you can tell the family means business. Taken on the same trip as the best bike rack for ford escape you can tell people that visit Hilton Head Island, SC are out to have a good time. Rather than a cargo basket this family decided to go with a roof box and a big one at that. I think there are 4 bikes mounted on the Thule rack, when mounting that many it can get a little tight. From the picture,it’s hard to tell there is four on there or not If it were me, I’d have removed the child seat and put it on when I got to my destination, but whatever floats your boat. Perhaps there wasn’t enough room to remove it, hence the giant roof box!

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