Dodge Intrepid Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Dodge Intrepid Trunk Mount Bike Rack Took this picture while riding my bike down my local greenway. I managed to snap this while riding around the parking lot on my way home. It was quite difficult to get a good shot since I was moving about 15mph. As you can see the Dodge Intrepid is capable of having a trunk mount bike rack. I’m not sure if this would have been my choice of bike rack for the Dodge Intrepid since it looks like its not mounted correctly. Had I purchased one of these bike racks I probably would have taken it back. The Saris bones bike rack would fit better and even folds up so that you can put it in your trunk when your not using it. The Dodge Intrepid is a low car, so a roof rack would fit on it perfectly but if you don’t want to go with a roof rack because of cost or bike weight I would look for a Saris Bones 2 or 3 bike rack for this car. If you happen to have a Saris bike rack for your Dodge Intrepid please take a picture and send it over my way so that we can show every body else how good these bike racks are!

If you don’t have a bike rack for the Dodge Intrepid yet you are in the market for one browse these pages and see if you find any products on the bike rack eBay auctions that I have listed here. Some times you can find Yakima, Thule or Saris bike racks really cheap. Also I have some pages which have the best places to buy bike racks from so check them out!

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