Extended Ride Time Coming Up

Extended Ride time is almost here and I can’t wait. For those of you that don’t know (I’m new to this term too) ERT is basically another word for the DST or daylight savings time. Since its coming up in March that means all of use bikers get an extra hour or so of extra ride time. That means I can finally rack in more miles once I get home from work rather than riding one large ride on the weekend. Hopefully it will make it easier to obtain my goal of doubling my miles last year. Since I have a lot of unrecorded miles in 2007 it should not be hard but I’d like to get a head start and ERT will most definitely help. What this means for this blog is more posts about bike racks and hopefully more pictures of bike racks on cars and more pictures of home made bike racks. Maybe some more home made bike rack plans since I will be able to get more ideas from all of the DIY racks I see. The official date for DST is march 9th (one month from tomorrow) but ERT doesn’t actually start until march 10th (since the clocks go back at midnight) Either way for cyclists and sports enthusiasts this is good news! Not sure what this means about the morning hours but since I don’t ever get to ride in the morning it won’t bother me a bit.

So the count down to ERT begins!

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