Finding the best deals on bike racks

If you don’t want to make your own bike rack or hoist then you might want to consider buying one. For the same price of parts you can actually buy them online if you know where to look.

I’ve noticed that some of the best deals on bike racks are actually from ebay. This isn’t surprising since ebay is the best place to find deals. Some of the deals are outstanding. Why buy a new rack when you can buy the same thing used for a fraction of the price? Face it, it doesn’t matter if its slightly used, has scratches or anything. Think what happens when you actually mount your first bike on it anyway!

Check out these great products:

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  2. By mary on Jan 15, 2011 | Reply

    i have priced stationary mount. Its running $140-$160. Thats a bit pricey for me. It doesn’t have to be fancily. Where can i find one at a lesser cost?

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