Ford Focus Hatch Trunk Mount Bike Rack

ford focus trunk rackI took this picture whilst going down the road. Its a nice looking yellow ford focus hatch back with a trunk mount bike rack on it. I believe that this particular model of the focus is a ZX3. I’m not sure of the year it was made but I think that its newer than 2003 because the 2002 models and below had a black scratch guard on the side, but I could be wrong. Its a two bike carrier and I think this thing looks pretty smooth. In certain states and countries this would not work because the license plate is covered up by the bike rack. Visibility is an issue on a hatch back car with a rack like this especially when the rack is loaded with bikes. I think that a roof mounted system would look really good on this type of car but would be hard to get the bikes on top. I believe the focus has folding seats so an internal bike mount would maybe work depending on how big your bikes were, if you have a quick release wheel and saddle. The picture is so small because I don’t have a good camera that I keep in my car. I’m surprised with how well it came out considering the speed we were going. I’d like to see this with bikes mounted, I wonder how they hang over the bumper. Personally I think that for a ford focus bike rack this is the way I would go. If you have a spoiler I think a hitch mount would be better. The 2008 models of focus look like they might be quite challenging to get a rack on.

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