Ford Ranger Custom Bike Rack

I saw a Ford Ranger bike rack about a month ago that really caught my eye. It was housed at an extended stay and I hadn’t seen it every time I rode or drove past until last night. This post is about a custom Ford Ranger Bike Rack that was more than likely home made or added by a professional bike rack installer. More pictures after the jump. The Ford Ranger is a good truck that should can certainly carry a number of bike racks, and should!  The 4×4 version would be great for mountain bikers too!
Although this particular rack is fixed to a Ford Ranger it is a very stylish rack that could be added to any truck with a bed cover. It is more than the in bed truck mounts or t bar mounts featured else where on this website as this one goes one length further to protect the bed cover. What this person did was take the roof mounted bike rack cross bars & “q-tips” and fit them to the truck bed. This allows the owner to haul two to three bikes and anything else you can find roof rack attachments for. This method of truck bike transportation is good as you can lock your gear in the truck bed while your gone, the only down side is that you cannot lift the bed cover up while the bikes are attached. An alternative to this bed cover bike rack is a quality hitch mount bike rack, but it will look no where near as cool as the custom bike rack for this ford ranger. What do you guys think?

Ford Ranger Bike RackFord Ranger Bike Rack

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