Ford Windstar Bike Rack

Ford Windstar Bike RackHere we have a picture of a bike rack on a Ford Windstar. It is the Yakima four bike Swing bike rack. It swings out to let you open the hatch, perfect for the type of vehicle its on. The roof line of mini vans is high, so the best type of bike rack for a mini van is a hitch mount or trunk mount, I’d go with the hitch mount. A revolver / swinging bike rack is the best. Trunk mount bike racks are good if you hardly use them, or just want to carry a few bikes, but if you are driving a mini van you probably have a family or friends, and wouldn’t it be nice to be able to transport all of their bikes on your bike rack. Yakima’s bike racks are some of the best and it shows. Where ever you go, Yakima bike racks are seen. They are known for great quality and hold up in the weather, exactly what you need in a bike rack. Thule also make really good racks. I took this picture while riding by so its a little blurry and I’m no artist or photographer so this photo probably has all the wrong lighting. I’ll be sure to tell my camera phone. Anyhow, this is what a hitch mount bike rack looks like on a Ford Windstar. My guess is this is a 98 or newer model as the older Windstar’s were more like vans.

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