Free Standing Bike Racks

If you are looking for a free standing bike rack, you have come to the right place. If you are in Austin TX then you can get a free standing bike rack for free off of craigslist. If you’re not in Austin TX, or this exclusive offer has expired I have plans here that will help you make your free standing bike rack, or you can make another type of bike rack from my variety of bike rack plans

Here is the description and a picture:

This bike rack holds two bikes. It’s a little bit rickety but works fine.

Free Standing Bike Rack  

Its your basic free standing bike rack that looks like its been made out of two by fours and painted red. Probably four 2 x 4’s were used, and then some screws. The cost of 2×4’s these days is about $1 – $2 a piece, making this cost about $15 with a box of screws and paint. Not too shabby, but the design can probably be improved to stop it from being “a bit rickety.”

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