freestanding bike rack

Freestanding bike rack This is an example of a freestanding bike rack. I do believe that this is a custom ordered bike rack. Meaning that this is not a DIY bike rack. It is of professional quality and looks like it holds a lot of bikes. This is the sort of bike rack I have plans to build. It looks like it quite possibly came in a flat pack type box. It should be easy to make something like this. I think that my plans for a freestanding bike rack will be better than this. One thing that I don’t like about this bike rack is the thickness of the down tubes. They look rather thin. If I were to attach my bike to this I would be sure to attach the lock around multiple tubes just to make sure. If you are interested in building your own bike rack, check back here and look under the categories of this site. I’m always updating with more bike rack diagrams and bike rack plans. If you have any decent bike rack plans you are willing to share for free please drop me a comment or mail them to me. More of these freestanding bike racks to come!

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