Gas prices climb along with bicycle satisfaction (NC) — Riders of new bicycles agree that they are more satisfied with their bicycles this year for another year running. Some argue that this is because of climbing gas prices but cyclists report that it is also because of other added benefits.

The survey by the A.N.O.N Internet Research Group saw the industry average soar by twelve points to 780 this year from 768 in 2007. The survey measures owner satisfaction with the design, layout and performance of new bicycles along with the fitness and health of their riders.

It was another climbing victory this year, said Ed, Bike Rack Ed’s director of product research and analysis. Gas prices rose almost 30% percent in the period between the 2007 and 2008 and the latest survey found that more people are riding their bicycles as other means of transportation.

“The number of riders and fitness levels has greatly increased” Ed said. “There has to be a reason fueling this phenomenon.”

Foreign cyclists again dominated the survey, but U.S.-based cyclists continued to show improvement.

The survey is designed to complement A.N.O.N’s annual initial quality rankings, which were released last month. Those rankings showed the number and type of cyclists improved all around this year, with commuters among the cyclists leading the pack in satisfaction.

Spin off from article: Gas prices fuel drop in car owner satisfaction

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