Good Biking Weather

The weather for this time of year where I am located is outstanding. Its not too hot and not too cold, perfect for riding my bike. I am lucky because I live pretty close to a 8 mile stretch paved green way. I can ride to the green way but I some times drive. I always see many people in the parking lot with automobile bike racks. It seems that the type of rack varies depending on how serious the biker is. I sort of classify how serious a biker is by type of bike rack Thule and Yakima are for serious bikers what want to use their bike a lot and have a long lasting bike rack. Yakima I normally see the most roof mounted of, these are pretty serious bikers normally with small automobiles so they can’t get a hitch mount bike rack. If you have a small car or no hitch thats not a problem for the Saris Bones bike racks. Those things are awesome, they practically fit on any car which is good if you want to move your rack between friends cars. Its always hard to classify people with Saris Bones bike rack, it could be a savvy consumer or a serious biker. Some times I see home made made bike racks which I think is pretty neat. Be sure to check out my tried and tested internal bike mount and what went wrong article.

I took some pictures of various racks I’ve seen while driving. Me and a friend were talking about them and they said you just look serious when you have a couple of bikes on top of your car. I laughed, it reminded me of the time I was driving and saw a sponsored team with 4 bikes mounted a full on car wrap and tons of gear all in side.

Well since the weathers so nice I’m going to have to plan my next bike ride. Check out for some cool rides in your area, its an awesome site.

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