Got on the bike today

I got to ride a bit today. Just the usual loop that I do, its not that far but at least I got out. I got some new clothing to wear, some gloves and trousers which was nice. Good news is that I didn’t fall off this time. Bad news is I didn’t get to take any pictures of bike racks today. There were so many out there too. I guess its the weather. I must have seen about 6 cars with roof racks (only two loaded) and a bunch of trailer hitch / trunk mounts. Too bad I didn’t get any pictures there were so many in the trail parking lot. Oh well, tomorrow is going to be nice weather too, maybe I’ll just take some pictures then If people aren’t watching.

So the ride went well apart from the bike rack pictures and it was the fastest average speed I’ve ever done the training loop but not my fastest speed on a bike. I drank some Gatorade and took a banana but didn’t get to eat it and the Gatorade tasted kind of funny. I think the best drink for the winter is room temperature water. It seems to cool down when you ride and goes down easy.

I’m suppose to be going mountain or road biking tomorrow not sure how far or when. Hopefully I’m good to go since I was pretty tired. I don’t think I would have been able to lift a bike on a roof rack system. Especially on a high SUV. I could barley carry my bike into my condo. I don’t see how people manage to get them up there. Apparently they don’t ride that hard, are in much better shape then me, or they wait a while before leaving the trail. I myself just ride home since I’m so close.

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