Happy New Years

Its almost the new year and I’d like to post to say happy new years to everyone.

This may be a bit cliche but I have some resolutions / goals for the new year.

My first is to double the amount of miles I’ve rode on my bike. This number of miles traveled isn’t that high but still its a good goal to double it. The second is to write more bike rack related content for this site.

On other thoughts I’ve got lots of pictures of bike racks on cars that I need to post. Many are taken as I’m riding but some as I’m driving. I also fell off my bike the other day. Really not that bad, I got scuffed up a bit but it looked a lot worse than it was. Basically I came around a corner a tad too fast and my front wheel slipped. I slammed down and slid across the path. Fantastic!


Happy New Year!

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