Homemade or home made?

According to the ct.gov here is the definition of home made:

The use of the terms “homemadeor home made,” or other similar terms, is limited to those products actually manufactured in the home and under conditions which normally prevail in the home.

This is related to food, but is no different for bike racks. For garage use one would assume that it is a home that has the garage. Anyhow bike racks made in the home, are the home made or homemade? The later is the correct spelling of the word, but do people realize this for goods that they want to make? Google does not give a correction for home made. So what should I do for this site? I obviously want the hits from both because I have some pretty good bike rack resources but I also don’t want to look like a moron. Oh well. I’ve included this post in all of the categories for this reason. Hopefully those looking for homemade bike racks or homemade bike mounts or homemade bike hoists will get here by seeing this post.

In more news, I’ve got even more pictures of bike racks to post. Seems like everyones got one. But why don’t I ever see pictures of the bikes on them? The stationary cars are most of the time people riding I assume (unless its at a big box store) then people are just lazy and don’t want to take them off. Maybe they lost their instructions or don’t know how to operate their bike rack easily so they just do the obvious and leave it attach. I wouldn’t leave my bike rack on my car with no bike on it. Whats the point of that? Unless I’m transporting my bike or its being worked on whats the point? Roof racks are different because they are hard to put on / take off and they don’t look so bad. But a trunk or hitch mount bike rack, it takes an extra couple of minutes. Also it will help prevent your bike rack from rust. Unless your bike rack happens to be a Saris Bones or other hard plastic one.

I’ve got some bike rack plans in the works that I need to post to make a bike rack for under $5 It is adjustable and can hold a number of bikes safely.  Look out for bike repair stands that I’m going to be posting plans for. These plans are normally paid for online but I bring them to you for free! Bicycle repair stands are relatively cheap so that normally means you can build one at a fraction of the cost!

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