Homemade Bicycle Hoist Update

When I posted about my homemade bicycle hoist I was living in a condominium. Pretty shortly, a couple of months after hanging it the home owners association wrote me a rather nasty letter telling me I was not allowed to hang anything off the roof above, or even store bikes or anything else on the deck because it was a fire code violation. Go figure, people had satellite dishes, portable grills, cheap plastic patio furniture and awful sounding wind chimes, but MY bike hoist was just too much. Eventually I took the hoist down which only took a matter of minutes (untied a few knots.) The bikes then lived indoors for a little while after that since the outdoors closet was full of my room mates junk at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I like bikes and I really like riding them, I just don’t necessarily like them all up in my personal space. It was not ideal, but we were moving soon so I figured I’d let it slide. Shortly after all of this occurred, me and my soon-to-be wife moved into a new apartment. I had a new dilemma: “where do I store the bikes now?” but that’s another post in itself.

So here’s to you my trusty home made bike hoist. May you RIP (in parts in my toolbox.)

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