Homemade Bike Trailer

homemade bike trailer Although not really a homemade bike rack plan I decided to post this in that category also since this could be made into a custom bike rack. What we have here is I believe is an older Chevrolet Silverado, a trailer, some sort of motor cycle and two road bikes. Now, the motorcycle is quite large so imaging how many bikes you’d be able to fit on a trailer like this. I’ve made posts about large family bike transportation before, and this is somewhat like what I had in mind (except without the motor cycle and more than 8 bikes.) The bikes could be mounted by their forks, on roof mounts or just stacked and tied up. The back gate of the trailer would allow easy unloading of the bikes so each family member could walk, or ride their bike off. This picture was taken on the way back from the mountains in NC.

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