Homemade T-Mount

This was my first attempt at any type of bike storage. This is not really considered a homemade bike rack but more of a t-mount. I did not know that you could purchase units similar to these before I made it, or before I started this web site. Below are pictures of my T-Mount, it is designed to fit in Toyota Matrix or Pontiac Vibe’s. It screws into the mount available inside the vehicle as shown in the pictures.

homemade bike rack t-mount 1.jpghomemade bike rack t-mount 2.jpghomemade bike rack t-mount 3.jpg
homemade bike rack t-mounthomemade bike rack t-mount Rack Seat Uphomemade bike rack t-mount seat downhomemade bike rack t-mount seat up
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I encountered a few problems with this homemade t-mount, firstly it was not far enough forward in the bed. Since the rails to attach this to run down the left and right of the bed I could not slide it far forward enough to mount my bike. This was not a huge problem for this t-mount since I could just put my bike in at an angle. Another problem I had was the saddle height. Since I’m taller than I thought even with the front wheel off, my bike doesn’t fit in (by about an inch) I think I flipped my bike around and it fit on the t-mount quite well. This could have been resolved by carrying the tool to adjust my saddle height and marking my saddle position. The last problem I had with the bike mount was the stability, or lack of. It was not very sturdy and kind of wobbled. I think if I were to make this again I would use both rails that are available in the bed and then make something that attached to those so that the bikes could be moved forward. This should allow me to mount two bikes in the Pontiac Vibe. Of course, If I had a smaller bike I could fit two bikes in here with no trouble at all. The total cost of this custom bike mount was about $2, it was made from scrap metal and a spare skewer that I had laying around. The washer and threaded bolt were left over from another project that I had for my Pontiac Vibe. After making this I think I might try another internal bike mount or possibly a homemade hitch mount bike rack. From looking at the quality of them in the stores it should not be difficult to make a bike rack that is better and that will last longer. The only problems I see from my bike rack plans are weight and cost of materials. The cost of materials probably will not amount to that much but I have to purchase a hitch to mount the bike rack on.

I would not recommend making an internal mount for a Pontiac vibe or Toyota Matrix. Until I come up with a method that works, I would either get a Roof Mount Bike Rack, Hitch mount bike rack or trunk mount bike rack. There are some great deals on this site that I always see while writing, some are 10%-20% off the cost of buying them in the store! If you want a new bike rack this is definitely the way to go.

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