Honda CRV Spare Tire Bike Rack

Honda CRV’s are pretty cool. I have a friend who owned one but had problems with his but they are suppose to be decent cars. The great thing about them for bikers is they have a spare tire which means you can just buy a spare tire bike rack for them and be good to go. They range in price from low to high but in the end you basically get the same thing. I believe Thule and Yakima both have them. Oh yea… Honda CRV’s also come with roof racks and tow hitches. For a small SUV there are so many options!
To find a deal or the lowest price check out this site, if you check out the auctions and other pages there are links to the discounted bike rack sites that I have found. Figure out what type of rack you want for your Honda CRV and then browse around the site to find the CRV bike rack that will be perfect for you.

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