Honda Prelude Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Honda-Prelude-Trunk-Mount-Bike-Rack I believe this is a 96 or older Honda Prelude that has a trunk mount bike rack. Yakima is the brand of this one I believe. Its one of the cheaper ones, since it actually sits on the paint. Saris are slightly better than these and they fold up but these bike racks Yakima makes do the trick. This one was taken in the same parking lot as some of the other pictures where I ride my bike some times. It had just rained the night before so not many people were out. I believe this was a mountain bike rack since I didn’t see any road bikers that day, but its possible they took another route than me or they beat me around the loop. I’m not sure if you could carry four bikes on one of these. If you look closely the rack actually isn’t touching any metal above the bumper. As we know plastic shatters, I wouldn’t take the chance breaking my plastic on my car by loading it up. A Saris bones bike rack would have been perfect for this car. They move around to fit any car, just about every year of preludes and they fold up small enough to fit in the trunk if your not using it. Anyway, Honda Preludes are nice cars and don’t deserve to be scratched by a bike rack. Saris is the way to go for this car and besides, the Saris bike racks look the best on all cars and I think they would look the best on Honda Preludes.

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