How not to mount your bike

How not to mount your bike In this picture we have a picture that I took of a bike rack for a Dodge Neon. Its a little dark, so you may want to click the on the picture for a larger image. Basically when I took this picture I was thinking “cool a bike rack for a neon, I don’t have one of those yet” but soon realized as I got closer that there was something wrong with this. The bike is obviously not correctly mounted, the instruction manual clearly shows how to mount a bike and this is not how you do it. Now I understand that this is a girls bike and its a common problem for full suspension mountain bikes but there is a solution to this problem. Get a cross bar adapter for your bike, if you care anything about your car, bike, pedestrians, other motorists or what people think of you. If you care nothing for any of these then you should probably not be riding a bicycle in the first place, let along driving. So there will be no need for that bike rack. Anyway, this picture of the dodge neon bike rack was actually taken at a university so I can cut a little slack since college students tend to be on the poor side.

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