How to choose a bike rack

Choosing an adequate bike rack to store or transport your bike is not always an easy task. A good balance between ease of use, security and cost should be considered.

The first thing to decide is what type of bike rack you want for your automobile. For an automobile besides the specialty racks there are three basic choices: Roof Rack, Trunk Mount Rack and Hitch Mount Bike Rack.  Each have their own cost, ease of use and security features.

If you are wanting a hitch mount bicycle rack a Yakima or Thule bike rack is the way to go. Cheap ones will work but will not last as long and may get your bike stolen.

As far as roof bike racks Yakima is the way to go. Although Thule recently has some great products that compete with them.

For a trunk mount bike rack I would highly recommend the Saris bones bike rack. It is an amazing piece of work that fits practically any automobile. They are relatively inexpensive also.

All of the above pieces can be purchased from links on this site. The eBay Auctions are the best place to find the lowest prices.

Make sure once you have purchased a bike rack that you purchase a good lock to go with it or you will come back to an empty bike rack which is not normal unless you are returning to your bike rack!

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