Hyundai Santa Fe Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Hyundai Santa Fe Hitch Mount Bike Rack This Hyundai Santa Fe hitch mount bike rack picture was taken on a rainy trip to the beach. Following the beach trend for small SUV’s it also has the giant roof mount box on top allowing extra capacity for beach gear. This rack is an inexpensive two bike carrier. Having transported beach cruisers I know they can be tricky to mount, especially lady cruisers. The owner of this one seems to have done a pretty good job with it, and is how I would have done it. It does have the front wheel and back wheel bungee corded together however there is nothing supporting them to the rack. Having a 5 bike rack myself I can feel safe knowing they wont fall off because of the extra length but think I would have added one to this after a close call with a friends full suspension bike and hearing other peoples bike rack horror stories.

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