I Broke my Front Derailleur

Derailer or Derailleur? Either way i have a story about what happened on my way to work the other day.

Firstly I was going to ride my Trek 1000 rather than my Specialized Allez Pro, but I broke the stem off of my inner tube. This didn’t make me very happy, but I figured I’d just get on the Allez. So I did, it was a cold morning and I had some extra gear on. I got about half a mile up the road and was coming to a stop because some one rudely was over too far right, and I couldn’t safely pass to get in the bike lane. Well, as any one on a hill would do as they were coming to a stop, I changed gear. Probably some what in a rush but shortly after I realized that I couldn’t pedal. Great. I figured you know it just got jammed as I was coming to a slowing stop. Look down, and see the reason my pedals wouldn’t move.

See if you can figure out from the picture why:

Broken Front Derailleur

(Click to Enlarge)

It should be rather obvious what happened, my derailleur is clearly busted. I have to get a new one, but its a good thing I can fix it myself. So for now, I’ve removed it and I’m running around on the smaller chain ring and on my other bike. Not ideal, but it gets the job done.

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