Jeep Cheroke Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Jeep Cheroke Hitch Mount Bike Rack This picture was taken in the dark. I believe I was parked at the time because of the angle it was taken at. It demonstrates what a hitch mount bike rack looks like on the Jeep Cheroke. It is possible that I am mis-spelling the word since the spell check tells me that it is in fact Cherokee. Never the less. The rack is actually a Yakima and is in the folded down position. The Yakima rack shown is quite in-expensive and since the Jeep comes with a hitch is probably a better idea than getting a trunk of roof mount rack for this vehicle. The height of this vehicle could be a problem if you were to install cross bars for a roof mount. Its hard to get pictures of Jeep Cheroke’s with loaded bike racks, but this shows what it would look like. There is room inside the Cheroke for a bike with the seats folded down but if you have kids or other bike riders then this is the way to go! Check out the products on the ebay auctions page for the best deals.

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