Jeep Tire Bike Rack

Jeep Tire Bike Rack This is a picture of a Jeep Tire Bike Rack. I’m not sure what type of Jeep it is. I know its not a Liberty or any of the newer Jeeps so its probably a Wrangler. This is the first picture of a bike rack that I have that actually has a bike on it. Its a tire mount bike rack which are great, if you have a spare tire. Notice the Jeep also has a hitch which could be used for a bike rack. Yakima I believe make these bike racks that mount on the tire. Thule probably make one too. This guy is serious about security, he has about five locks on his bike. I’m guessing its some sort of camper guy since there is a ton of gear. Maybe he uses this bike to go back and fourth from camp to get supplies since gas is so expensive. My guess is the Jeep might not get stuck in the mud but the bike would with all of those packs on it. Anyhow, thats besides the point, this is about bike racks. For a deal on tire mount bike racks, check out my other pages, some of them have good deals on them for this type of bike rack which is the best type of bike rack for Jeeps.

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