Large Family Bike Transportation

Bike transportation for one or two people can be a pain. Now imaging trying to transport bikes around for a large family. I was watching a TV show where a family had a lot of kids. Now I imagine at some time it would be nice if they could borrow bikes and get some nice fresh air. Problem is, “How do you transport bikes for a large family?”

Well, it depends on your definition of large. There are many bike carriers that are capable of carrying four to five bikes, add a roof rack and you’ve got spots for another three to four bikes. With the smallest of the two you have room for seven bikes which is the same number of passengers that your average dodge mini van can carry. If the family has a mini bus sized family or a camper full of kids a trailer might be best. It would be easy to make a carrier to haul 16 bikes from bike rack plans.

If you make such a system, please let me know, I’d love to see your pictures.

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