More of a Bike Hoist. How to make your own from my plans. Part 1

This is part one of a two part article on home brew bike hoists.

The post I made yesterday was actually a drawing I had made a while back. Its a good method for suspending a bike in the air but it isn’t really a bike rack. Hoists are popular among bikers with limited space. Bikes can be lowered just as easily as they can be suspended. I had mine hanging for a while, it worked great. One thing that is not clear in the image is that the bike is actually held up with its own weight! Using a third carabina rated for 150lbs the rope is wrapped around the bike wheel with a loop & then clamped down. If needed I can take some pictures or make a video on how to use this method.

All in all this bike hoist method can cost less than $20 if the parts are purchased from the right places. Hardware needed to make it is as follows:

3 X Pulleys.
3 X Carabina’s
4 X O-Hooks

The amount of rope will vary depending on how high you need to make the hoist. The hoists can be made for low or high ceilings but they should not be suspended too high unless you have somewhere to tie off the ropes. The basic principal for the bike hoist should be you need 5X the hight of the rope + the width of the bike. Then about 10ft more will be needed to make the hooks to suspend the bikes. so, if you want to lift the bike up 12ft, you would need 12ft X 5 60ft. + 6ft for the bike, + 10ft for the attachments = 76ft. Might as well buy a bulk 80 or 100ft. The next thing to decide is what type of rope you want. The best is obviously something that is going to hold the bike up. I recommend at least 50lbs over. I purchased some bulk which is rated slightly less than the carabina holds.

In the next article I’ll demonstrate how the pieces need to be attached to make your home made bike rack-hoist.

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