More of a Bike Hoist. How to make your own from my plans. Part 2

All right, I’ve made some more drawing plans for the bike rack/hoist to illustrate how I made my own bike hoist. Its pretty easy, four steps. You’ll have to excuse the plans drawings. I did them in paint since I’m not an artist may seem a bit childish.
The only tool needed for this really is a screw driver but a drill will help if you have one.
So, lets go on to the first step.

Make your own bike rack hoist diagram First either drill pilot holes or screw the hooks into a sturdy beam How and where to mount the beam is another challenge. If you drill the holes it will make it easier. Note that this will do minimal damage to your building. The hole hoist consists of only 4 holes! Once you’ve done that you’ll be ready to move onto the next step.
Homemade Bike Rack Hoist Diagram Illustrated here is the plans for the pulley system. Basically, tie small portions of the rope onto the fish eyes. Attach the pullets to these pieces of rope. On mine it was easy to attach because my pulleys also had fish eyes so I basically just tied a strong loop.
Bike Hoist Plans - How to make your own bike rack This next step can be quite tricky. You may want to ask a friend or find some weight to add to the rope so that it doesn’t pull through. Anyway, feed the rope through the developing hoist as shown. The end piece can be short, but you have to be able to reach it. This part is pulled down to lift the bike. Make sure you can reach the rope and that the rope hooks go down far enough to just about be able to reach the handle bars and saddle of the bike you wish to lift.

Bike Hoist Plans - How to make your own bike rack

This is the part of the plans where the two carabinas come in. You’ll need to make two of whats in the left. Make sure that with the step above and this step you can reach the rope. Otherwise you’ll have to partially lift the bike off of the ground to be able to connect it to the hoist. You can always make more of these. Maybe some form of adjustable knot would be good on this one. When I made my bike lift I wish I had made these loops first before cutting the rope. They turned out to be smaller than I wanted. It still does the job of lifting my bikes off of the ground but I think if I had planned it more first then it would have turned out better.

This was suppose to be a two part article on how to make the bike hoist. The article on how to make it is two, but I’ll have to write another article on how to actually use it. Its pretty self explanatory but I’d like to show it in action and pictures of mine. I might try to make a video instruction on how to make it if people take interest.
Anyway, please let me know what you think of my plans and if you try it out. Believe me, these instructions are about as simple as I can make it. Be careful when drilling the holes if you live on a second or third floor. Make sure you have something sturdy to stand on, or even better get a ladder and some one to help you.

Thats it for now

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  2. By Gene Crain on Feb 18, 2008 | Reply

    I would love to see pictures of your bikes lifted on one of these. Great idea. Any extra images will help me, since I can barely tie knots.

  3. By bike racked on Feb 19, 2008 | Reply

    Yea, I have more pictures of this. I’ll try to post them A.S.A.P. I’d love to get a video of it in action too. If you make one let me know I’d love to see more bike hoists.

  4. By Jade Starton on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    This is a great way to hoist a bike! It looks so much more complicated than it probably is, to someone like me who isn’t too good with DIY mechanical stuff. This is also helpful because while there are many places to buy or rent very useful hoist systems, this equipment is usually for heavier tasks and would be a hassle for lifting a bike.

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