New Camera Phone

After battling with my phone for almost a year now (it was fine the first year) I decided to get a new phone. Whats cool about this is, I can geographically tag bike rack pictures. So, now not only will you get a better quality picture of the bike rack, you’ll also get the location I took it at. This should be rather interesting. I’m thinking of starting a map, similar to the one that the Raleigh / Durham area has and letting people submit to it.

I got back from the beach on Sunday, had I have been thinking I would have had my new phone then. There were so many cars with bike racks on them. The funny thing is, it seemed like I didn’t see that many people riding. Maybe they just don’t ride on the main road (route 17) because its so dangerous.

More bike rack pictures to come soon, I’ll have to post all of my old ones so that I can start using the new one. That should give me the time to create the mapping application too!

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